ACCESS FOR ALL Plain Language is a Civil Right

An International Conference

Virtual Event - October 13, 2020

In-Person & Virtual Event May 2021

Access • Justice • Transparency

Helping people find, understand, and use the information necessary to exercise their fundamental rights.

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Our Venue We're VIRTUAL!

Join us!  For the first time, we’ll be a virtual conference! We’re working with professionals and planning a great conference. As we move forward, we’ll give you more details. What we promise is a worthwhile conference experience! More to come!


We hope that all of you are healthy no matter what steps your government did or did not take to protect you from the pandemic. We know that many of you continue to be under strict travel restrictions. Even if you are not, no one knows what the virus will do as economies try to regain their balance with varying speeds of reopening or as seasonal temperatures change. With perhaps undue caution, we are please to have decided to launch a virtual conference. We hope you will support this conference with the same or even more enthusiasm than you have in the past.


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